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Once again sorry for the radio silence. I'm not going to lie, things on this end have not been the most pleasant. And I hate whining on the internet so I have been silent.

Just popping up to say that I am going to be running a table at Aggie Con this weekend in Bryan/College Station.

So anyone in the Aggieland area come on by and say hello. I've worked this con in the past and enjoyed it. Also this year George R.R. Martin will be there. So go see him. I will be in the dealers room with art and buttons and maybe some jewelry.
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CyberMonday - Foolish Mortal

Sorry for radio silence I have been busy either working or being ill. I got sick a few weeks ago and was in bed for a good week or so trying to shake it. Even now I'm still fighting some congestion and coughing fits.

Then the holiday season for retail started up and so I haven't had much time to post here due to work.

This is just a reminder that Foolish Mortal has a print store - while I haven't had a chance to update it; if there is anything that you've seen here on the blog or posted on the Deviant Art page that you would like to purchase feel free to drop me a line and we can probably work something out.
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I Have No Love But Only Goals - How Very Empty is My Soul

Greetings internet.

Once again sorry for the internet silence. I tend to have a bad habit of wandeirng off and getting wrapped up in things.

Not much to report. I'm hilariously in a bit of a rut again. Around this time last year I was unemployed and getting to the end of my rope. Shortly after that things started looking up. I had a job, some steady pay, and Plans for the Future.

Now I'm damn near unemployed and sort of getting glimpses of that rope again. All my plans fell to the way side, anything that looked like it might work out has fallen apart and I feel like I've just run a full circle. At least this time I have a working scanner, which is an improvement from last year.

I might soon get back to The Project that got set aside in the flurry of broken tech, holidays, retail during the holidays, family drama, various medical emergencies, the great moving fake out, con season, and something that might have been a minor break down. 2012 sort of kicked me around pretty hard.

I also get really shy about showing off anything I write. I write - I create - I world build and spin little stories. I can show you drawings of it all until I'm blue in the face and have no concerns. The second I start trying to explain who these people are or what they do, I get nervous and clam up. I get scared that I write badly, that nothing makes sense, that no one will read it, that they'll read it and hate it. These are actually problems I'm working on in some fashion or other.

That said I haven't really had much to post on here. I do not believe in airing out my problems and right now I've got little else to share. So like I said - please forgive the radio silence. I'll try to get an art post up soon.
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Right now as it stands Foolish Mortal and Co. are scheduled for:

Aggie-Con- Bryan College Station - March 23-25th

We'll be in the Dealers Room selling prints and buttons and commissions and other snake oil.
I'll also probably have some stuff thrown in the Art Show.
So if you want to own some original Foolish Mortal paintings this could be your chance.

Comicpalooza - Houston - May 25-27th -

We'll be in the Artist Alley, no word on our location yet. Will update when we get more info.

A-Kon - Dallas - June 1-3rd

We had to fight off hundreds of other artists in an epic Battle Royale but we did get a table for this year's A-Kon and managed to keep most of our limbs in the process.

UPDATE - WE WILL BE IN THE UPSTAIRS SECTION - look for us up in section E

San Japan - San Antonio - August 10-12th

The Apprentice managed to survive another epic registration battle royale and scored another table.
Yet another Texas con, (you totally can't tell we live here), this will be out first time attending this con so I'm excited to see how this goes.

More information to be added as I get it.

I'll post more as I get them ironed out.
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So it's been a while since an update in here. I decided to fix that.

I survived my con season so far. Not much to say since it all sort of forms a blur. Doing two large consecutive conventions will do that to you I suppose. Thankfully I've got until August to rest, restock and recuperate.

I will say they went very well. Well mostly things went alright, one day I might share the story of The Business Card Debacle and the Tale of the Executive Suite That Never Was. But other than a few hiccups I had lots of fun and met lots of awesome folks. I also drew a lot of ponies. Boy howdy the amount of ponies we drew. It was sort of a relief to come home and draw stuff I wanted to do that was very much NOT a pony.

Speaking of ponies here's any art post.

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I Can't Win...But Here I am...More than Glad to be Unhappy

Welp greetings - not much going on here. Still trying to stay sane and work. Also trying to stay focused on the work I need to do, instead of what I want to do. This is actually very difficult for me right now.

It feels like I'm spinning so many plates right now. And of course me being me - part of coping with my plate spinning is adding silly stuff I WANT to work on to my work pile

With that said lets have an art post.

For starters have a sad Ned Stark pony.
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Anyways that's all I got for right now. I need to back to work on commission stuff tommorow. So while I'm still up I'm off to work on silly things I want to work on that no one will want to see or buy.
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Ain't no good thing Ever dies I'm gonna take it with me When I go

So I declared today a mental health day and worked on some personal stuff today.

So we have an art post tonight,

Drew this yesterday on a whim after reading a few too many political newsletters about how contraceptives and abortion with destroy life as we know it.

Me being me vented and translated this into steampunk gynobots.
Sadly this probably won't get finished, I got her innards designed and then realized I couldn't get her face right, or figure out what the mechanic looked like.

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Anyways thats all for now, I think I'm going to go to bed now and collapse.